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The Time for Open Source Fed­er­at­ed Social Net­works Has Come

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Nikon’s Millennium Masterpiece

Using a bizarre high-end dig­i­tal cam­era from Y2k and curat­ed appre­ci­a­tion of same-era point-and-shoots among young Insta­gram pho­tog­ra­phers.

The Case for Chuck Klosterman

Is Chuck Klosterman’s lat­est non-fic­­tion release the key­stone of his excep­tion against young read­ers’ expec­ta­tions from white-ass com­men­tary?

The Good Guy, Han Solo

In Ron Howard’s care, Han Solo’s spin­off imp­ish­ly sub­merges the Star Wars fan in the sta­ple ori­gin of the reluc­tant hero’s rudi­men­ta­ry and tire­some life­long inner con­flict among a steady unsub­tle spat­ter­ing of jokes at the the­mat­ic expense of the indi­vid­ual rights, dig­ni­ty, and voli­tion of the oppressed.

Mom and Dad

Bri­an Taylor’s 83 min­utes of gross sub­ur­ban parental ter­ror and hilar­i­ty per­forms every func­tion you could pos­si­bly ask of such a film, com­bin­ing excel­lent atten­tion to detail with a refresh­ing­ly inven­tive use of sound.

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