Windows Eternal Drafts Theme


I believe I have finally manifested the Drafts interpretation of Winders users’ dreams.

If you still follow me on Twitter, you’ve seen me posting a lot of mockups and links related to Agile Tortoise’s Drafts, lately. I know it probably seems like a phase – and I suppose it is, technically – but I’ve actually been using this darned application for the entirety of my adult life. It’s just that I’ve only recently (read: since 2020 or so) returned to Drafts as my primary text living space from Bear for what I’m sure you’ll regard as silly reasons. In terms of themes for Drafts, I’ve already hit you with one based on this very blog and “Windows Iowa” – both of which have faired far better than I would’ve ever expected on the Drafts Directory.



Now, though, I would like to present “Windows Eternal” – a celebratory theme of ye olde Winders™ Aesthetic, based on one of my very favorite themes for Telegram Messenger for iOS.

Telegram Theme

I’m actually not sure what it was called originally, but I’ve archived the Telegram theme as Windows Eternal, too.



If you or someone you know might remember who the original creator was, please do get in touch because they absolutely deserve to be credited here and elsewhere.

Windows Eternal Portrait Clean


If you’re interested, the full source of Windows Eternal is publicly available, though I would recommend using the “Open in Theme Builder” button on its Drafts Directory page to view the details visually, especially if you’re a Drafts user who’s never tried it. You’ll note that I made heavy use of #327c7d (that darkish green color) as often as possible along with #bfc0c1 (the main gray) and #000DA6 (the main bright blue.)



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