I'm not an authority on electronic music, but I am surrounded by musician friends of a particular creativity and I am the creator of an electronic music magazine called Extratone. I also curate the music podcast Extratone Radio. For tastemaking's sake, I maintain a public Bandcamp Collection and a playlist on Apple Music called Islands of the most astonishing and unique electronic tracks I come across. There's also C̸ ̵O̷ ̴N̵ ̶T̸ ̵A̵ ̴C̶ ̵T̴, which is filled with tracks cross-genre that are guaranteed to touch you.


I've intermittently recorded piano improvs under my own name (though I haven't properly in a good while.) On Four, my most recent improv tape, I used two knockoff SM57s placed directly above my sleepy childhood upright piano at my mom's house through a USB mixer and livestreamed most of the recording. The result is a fairly good representation of what I was doing musically at the time and probably the most dynamically interesting of all the recordings I've captured. The instrument itself has a very particular dreamy quality that I've never heard on any other.

If you'd like to chat about music or share your own, you're more than welcome to join the music channel on Extratone's Discord.