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The Psalms is proudly hosted by – a new sort of blogging content management system built atop Markdown and maintained by a company which explicitly shares my commitment to a better, Open web.

I truly, deeply love my host CMS/service and do not pay enough for it. Can you say the same? Use my invite link and give a try. It literally saved my life.

A somewhat-outdated version of this site's theme is listed among others in Writeas' official themes list. The full, up-to-date CSS and JS can be found below and on in this GitHub repository, which I created in November, 2020 as an experiment in using Git to track editorial changes. (That means you can see current in-progress drafts!)



Body Text: Adobe Caslon Pro

Nav/Headers/Other: Proxima Nova & Variations


The Psalms 3.0 Palette


The Psalms’ GitHub Repository also hosts the technical documentation for its theme. Download the latest “release,” here and/or view the raw CSS here.

The Psalms Refreshed

Drafts Theme

If you happen to be a user of agiletortoise’s infamous Drafts app on iOS and/or MacOS, I have published a quite-uncanny theme on the Drafts Theme Directory mimicking the reading experience of this blog.

iPad Pro Preview

IPhone 12 Pro Max Preview

Runestone Theme

Users of Simon B. Støvring's Runestone for iOS/iPadOS may enjoy this light theme based on The Psalms' CSS.

The Psalms' Custom Style for Marked 2

Marked 2 Custom Style

The custom style I use to preview Psalms content in Marked 2 can be downloaded via the GitHub Gist embedded below.