Reply All” Jacks Your OG Handle

Local audio file mir­ror

What the fuck does the above title of this post mean? Alright, here’s a trans­la­tion:

The Reply All podcast steals your especially-original online username.

If you’re like me, you might inter­pret the gen­er­al argu­ment of this episode to be: actu­al­ly, two-fac­tor auth is bad. For goursh sakes, though, please use a pass­word man­ag­er. Don’t install brows­er exten­sions just because some doc­u­men­ta­tion says it’s the best new fuck­ing thing. Nev­er join the Word­Press Devel­op­er Slack serv­er if you ever want to feel again. Do lis­ten to this episode — I’d strong­ly rec­om­mend you do so vir­tu­al­ly regard­less of demo­graph­ics. If you are cur­rent­ly liv­ing, it’s these sort of Gim­let deep dives that expose you to a par­al­lel uni­verse that will effect you soon if it hasn’t already, yet very few orga­ni­za­tions or indi­vid­u­als actu­al­ly have such an abil­i­ty to present the sto­ry in a digestible way.

Meet End User

It’s about time I start­ed talk­ing to myself about tech­nol­o­gy in my parked car again. My audio equip­ment is still in stor­age, but I’m fresh out of folks who want to lis­ten to my rants about The Open Web, so I guess I’ll be giv­ing you a call every once in a while. Until yes­ter­day, End User was a missed oppor­tu­ni­ty for a pod­cast title.

Do be sure to vis­it Anchor’s Tech­nol­o­gy fea­tured sec­tion to find (sortof) sim­i­lar pod­casts by hosts who have real diplo­mas, but you cer­tain­ly don’t need one to call in any­time.

 Log­ic Mag­a­zine is required read­ing — start with “Dis­rup­tion: A Man­i­festo.”


I can’t believe I for­got about that !s are referred to in the pub­lish­ing indus­try with “bang,” but from now on, I’m going to make an effort to use it “banal­ly,” con­sid­er­ing how much I already make an effort to uti­lize the whole uni­code library. The 99% Invis­i­ble web­site is 100% Nerd Shit, but it does look pret­ty great.

Nuanced Media Exhaustion

Have you ever won­dered what it would be like to live two years spend­ing all — and I lit­er­al­ly mean all — of your free time screw­ing around on the web? Well, I guess I should real­ly do an AMA on the Read It web­site because that’s me! I real­ized last night how ridicu­lous it was to allow this blog to be indexed by search engines, so I added a moth­er­fuckin bypass request to the god­damned robots.txt! That makes you super “sus” for read­ing this, but I guess you get this exclu­sivebehind-the-scenes pre-release of the front cov­er on Extra­tone Magazine’s first issue. Though I am now a Cer­ti­fied Gimp Poweruser and I spent a long time on this, it’s pret­ty fuckin bad. I do think we should do our best to com­pile a print release of all the best stuff from the past two years some time in the near future, and I’m now pret­ty sure that I should get some­body else to do the cov­er…

I’ve decid­ed that Vice’s Moth­er­board and Way­point are tied for Extra­tone’s #1 com­peti­tor and they’re uhhh… def­i­nite­ly win­ning — Laugh, Out Loud — yet I don’t envy them at all, if I’m com­plete­ly hon­est: video games are cool and long­form game reviews are incred­i­ble, but they’ve nev­er had an audi­ence, real­ly, so the two jus­ti­fy their respec­tive exis­tences as Vice prop­er­ties by their quaint, inter­net cul­ture-inspired overuse of the terms “boys” and “sons.” Regard­less, my bum-fuck­ing led to an inter­view that def­i­nite­ly fuck­ing belongs on Drycast with Angela Nagle — author of Kill All Normies.

Yeah… Holy shit. What a supreme­ly rel­e­vant con­ver­sa­tion to just stum­ble upon, fuckin’ around on Apple Pod­casts (no lie.) I am actu­al­ly oblig­at­ed to read and review this book — it’s like a text­book for the niche online cul­ture we had to watch turn a lot of our proxy com­mu­ni­ties culture2WWDC 1999o shit in high school. The last time I heard/used the term “normie,” it in no way belonged to Read It or 4 Chan­nel nazis… just ani­me Twit­ter NEETs. (Yes, I know they over­lap, but jeez.)

I can reli­ably vouch for pink hair as a 100% accu­rate mark­er for a cul­tur­al marx­ist. Any­way, I’d now like to wel­come you to the 1999 World Wide Developer’s Con­fer­ence. Look at those type­faces! Why can’t we go back to that?