A Very Special Legacy Listen

Today on Extra­tone Radio, I replayed one hel­lu­va gem for ear­ly Drycast: episode 16, with Sam Carter — elec­tron­ic music pro­duc­er and ultra-clever Twit­ter acquain­tance of mine who’s famous­ly known by her @, a_nice_frog — which I failed to ful­ly appre­ci­ate at the time. Six pro­duc­ers at one time in Stu­dio Eat…

But! I elab­o­rat­ed on that already in the episode’s pref­ace. I did not touch on the men­tion of my endeav­or at the time — way back in the Spring of 2015 — to build the short-lived pre­de­ces­sor to Extra­tone, how­ev­er, because it’s not rel­e­vant to any­one but myself and you, the weirdo who’s some­how found your­self read­ing these words and con­tin­u­ing vol­un­tar­i­ly.

Address­ing this oth­er com­po­nent the episode sur­faced jus­ti­fies a sep­a­rate post entire­ly, which you — my most unlike­ly read­er — should only pro­ceed to read under the advise­ment that it con­tains poten­tial­ly-trig­ger­ing ref­er­ences to trau­ma and sui­cide.