It’s Survey Season!

Have you noticed that all dig­i­tal pub­lish­ers have sud­den­ly and unan­i­mous­ly  begun adding asks in their pod­casts to take exten­sive audi­ence sur­veys on Sur­vey­Mon­key? I’ve only encoun­tered three so far, but still… Three in the same week seems odd.

Regard­less, I’ve shame­less­ly hopped right on that fuck­ing wag­on and writ­ten one up for Extra­tone. If you’re savvy/snoopy/interested enough to have found this blog, you are required to take it.

Thank you!

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Medium: Another Subbranding Apocalypse

What the fuck is a “Sub Brand?”

Shife is a sub­brand. Words of David Blue in Red is also a sub­brand of mine, and I’ve decid­ed to exper­i­ment with it by dis­trib­ut­ing it on Medi­um via a “per­son­al pub­li­ca­tion” for a vari­ety of rea­sons.

  • This man said I should.
  • My own design goals for Extra­tone made sure it would nev­er pro­vide the oppor­tu­ni­ty to exper­i­ment with Medi­um pub­li­ca­tions from the get-go.
  • I’m already try­ing out a Medi­um mem­ber­ship with the intent the write a col­umn about its user expe­ri­ence and how it’s changed from the per­spec­tives of the read­er, mem­ber, and pub­lish­er.
  • I’m appar­ent­ly an enthu­si­as­tic Gimp poweruser, addict­ed to crank­ing out a rough-but-exten­sive rack of dig­i­tal assets in a sin­gle morn­ing.

Just this evening, I dis­cov­ered Schick Toikka’s Saol Dis­play via this Tweet from Typo­graph­i­ca and I’m Fuck­ing In Love. I used Vival­di screen cap­tures of their sam­pler to cre­ate a few ban­ner logos for Red Let­ters at a low­er res­o­lu­tion than I’d pre­fer for “brand assets,” but since this whole thing is an exper­i­ment and I haven’t actu­al­ly bought the type­face, I shan’t com­plain. While we’re on the sub­ject — I actu­al­ly cre­at­ed these super-cool, HP Jour­nal-sourced pro­mo­tion­al pan­els for the col­umn two weeks ago using the same IBM cor­po­rate type­face this blog wears (Plex.)

Cus­tom drop­caps are eas­i­er than I remembered/expected — I can’t recall how much I’ve actu­al­ly played around with Medi­um com­po­si­tion in the past — and Elec­tric Lit­er­a­ture def­i­nite­ly has the best I’ve seen thus far.

Also, the post from that sam­ple — “How Writ­ing Closed Cap­tions Turned Me off TV For Good” — is prob­a­bly the best thing I’ve yet read on Medi­um.

I don’t know how many oth­er folks actu­al­ly lis­ten to Tomor­row with Joshua Topol­sky (though you’ll note the show has less than 3000 fol­low­ers on Sound­Cloud) and The Verge­cast, but I do reg­u­lar­ly and have for near­ly three years now — per­haps I have some odd attach­ment with the Engad­get — Vox Media — The Out­line sphere. Over time, Paul Miller has become one of my favorite tech jour­nal­ists as per­haps the token small-gov­ern­ment Chris­t­ian Repub­li­can of this com­mu­ni­ty, yet I some­how missed his appear­ance on Tomor­row in 2016, when he… unfor­tu­nate­ly… said “I love [Don­ald Trump’s] posi­tion on Mex­i­cans,” but then imme­di­ate­ly fol­lowed up with an insight­ful com­par­i­son of our new POTUS with Kanye West. The thing with Paul is that he’s only explic­it­ly men­tioned his con­tentious (as far as New Media goes) posi­tions once, when asked on this pod­cast, and it’s inevitably tough to lis­ten to and even tougher to read the sparse Sound­Cloud com­ments.

Other News

  • Papa John is dead. (Look at that byline… Imag­ine actu­al­ly liv­ing with “Jar­gon” as your sur­name.)
  • I’ve final­ly arrived on my Final Con­clu­sion regard­ing my per­son­al real­i­ty as a whole.
  • It’s a good thing I don’t watch that one tele­vi­sion show…
  • I’ve just pub­licly come out as a Blog­ger.
  • Medium’s release note habits are dri­ving me even more insane.

Linux, Bitch

I haven’t run Lin­ux since 2006, on my dear­est Dell Insp­iron 2200. (Holy shit.) I was an “intern” for a three-man com­pa­ny that main­tained a nation­wide track­ing sys­tem for truck­ers out of a tiny office with­in walk­ing dis­tance of my child­hood home. (I’m pret­ty sure my Mom paid them… It was more like babysit­ting.) They installed Ubun­tu and Doom for me and taught me about oper­at­ing sys­tems, hard disks, and dual-boot­ing. One of them also attempt­ed to try out a 9-dis­play set­up on his desk (3 wide, 3 high) dur­ing my tenure, which pro­vid­ed one of my best sto­ries to share among IT-mind­ed folk. (It wasn’t even a full week before he revert­ed back to 3.)

Thanks to Hawthorn, I am now run­ning Lin­ux Mint on a decade-old HP Elite­Book 6930p from a hos­pi­tal (“point­ing stick” lol.) Giv­en my overuse of the word “decade” and my late pen­chant for cel­e­brat­ing anniver­saries nobody cares about, per­haps I’ll write a review of the machine along with this — my first new OS explo­ration in years. You are excit­ed about this, I’m sure, but not as much as I am. Look, this is a blog, and there’s noth­ing wrong with that. Or is there?

Yes, this is exact­ly what I’ve been doing here. Wel­come.

It’s tak­en me way too fuck­ing long to dis­cov­er that blog­ging is still cool and sur­pris­ing­ly use­ful, and espe­cial­ly that there are real media per­son­al­i­ties still heav­i­ly engaged with it. Eugene Wei’s 100% free, yet extreme­ly inter­est­ing Remains of the Day seems like some­thing all indus­try obses­sives should be fol­low­ing. Sur­prise, sur­prise… I dis­cov­ered him because of Recode Media, and yes, the top­i­cal “Invis­i­ble Asymp­totes” post is very inter­est­ing and good (though I’m not quite fin­ished with it, sor­ry.)

Why am I actu­al­ly both­er­ing with embed­ding the play­er here? It’s not like you’re going to stay on this page to lis­ten to the whole episode, are you? I mean, if it was any oth­er sort of inter­net con­tent and you need­ed to con­serve band­width, sure, but it’s stream­ing audio. What the fuck are we even doing here, dude?