Volvo and The Sun

Only in Port­land would you see a P1800ES wag­on at the gro­cery store in this sort of shape.

Also, here’s a few sun­set shots at dif­fer­ent expo­sures with my iPhone 8 Plus.

The Station

I’ve spent 5 dang years of my life work­ing in con­ve­nience, but it wasn’t until 2017 that I found myself work­ing at night. Though my Sony NX70U is far from ide­al for tak­ing stills (it’s the super-robust reporter cam­era we used to film Honk,) I still think these (unedit­ed) shots are worth­while insights into the super­lit oasis of a Mid­west­ern gas sta­tion at three in the morn­ing. These were shot exact­ly one year ago — to the minute.

iPhone 8 Plus Portrait Mode/4K Video

I wrote exten­sive­ly about my iPhone 8 Plus, its impli­ca­tions, and its amaz­ing sen­sor in Feb­ru­ary, but its per­for­mance has con­tin­ued to amaze me after almost an entire year of own­er­ship. I found myself in a rare posi­tion to take some video of our roommate’s beau­ti­ful cat, Daisy, as well as some pho­tos of Hawthorn’s plant on the patio rail­ing.