My Tedious Analog Journey Continued

The bizarre redun­dan­cy of dis­patch­ing to a Word­Press instance via furi­ous tap­ping with­in the iOS app con­tin­ues to occu­py my thoughts. Hel­lo, you ancient old bitch of a plat­form. What’s shakin’? Why are mod­ern, com­plete­ly Word­Press-inde­pen­dent pub­li­ca­tions like The Out­line still send­ing con­tent your way? Please warn me thor­ough­ly and very far in advance if you plan to answer ver­bal­ly, so that I may be spared imme­di­ate and vio­lent car­diac arrest.

I have been with­out a work­ing desk­top-class plat­form for a week now (my Spectre’s port is still bro­ken and my desk­top is in stor­age,) “reduc­ing” me to iOS word pro­cess­ing like this, hand­writ­ing, and my fiancé’s old elec­tric type­writer, all of which has inspired more opin­ing for my upcom­ing State of Word Pro­cess­ing col­umn than I would’ve expect­ed. My pri­ma­ry goal is to have the port fixed or replaced by next week­end so that I can resume the newslet­ter, writ­ing full-chat, and in prepa­ra­tion for the 24 Hours of LeMans.