Aretha Franklin Built Our Whole World

I was try­ing to fig­ure out why The Queen’s death hit me so hard today — I was embar­rass­ing­ly upset for much longer than I would’ve expect­ed, but the answer for me is like­ly the same as it is for you: she made up so much more of the beau­ti­ful rays of Amer­i­can exis­tence which now seem so impos­si­bly far away. Let me just sim­ply say that she gave so much of the music which I have depend­ed upon most thus far, even as wide of a span it is.

The truth is, she spanned far beyond me; far wider than any­one else has done. I spent a good few hours comb­ing misty-eyed through the mas­sive list of Aretha sam­ples which have con­script­ed that par­tic­u­lar form of affec­tion which only sam­plers can express in such a huge cut of the best Amer­i­cans have done in the past cen­tu­ry: from Out­kast to fuck­ing Drum & Bass.

Think­ing of you, Detroit.

Fresh Air’s Aretha Franklin trib­ute.